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Cat Guardianship: The Essentials

How can you give your cat the wonderful life they deserve? See our tips below on how to be the best guardian to your feline family member. You can use them as a checklist to help you build a stress-free, enriching environment for your cat. Here’s to a long, happy journey for you both!

Cat Guardianship In Hinsdale Il

Supplies to Set You Up for Success

  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys, treats, hiding spots and scratch post(s)
  • Enzymatic cleaner
    • Nature’s Miracle or Zero Odor
  • Litter box + the litter they are used to (clean often)
  • Calming pheromone diffuser (we love Feliway!)
Kitten On Grey Blanket

Slow Introduction to New People, Places, and Things

  • Pair new experiences with positive associations
  • For example, offer snacks while your cat observes a new human friend from a distance
  • Acclimate them to nail trims early (try it when they are tuckered out after play)
Giving Cat Treat

Science-Based Positive
Reinforcement Training

  • Use praise and rewards
  • Avoid punishment-based training (i.e. squirt bottles), this will impact your relationship
  • Learning is life long and it’s important to reinforce the behaviors you want to see
Petting Cats Head

Prioritize Your Cat’s Health

  • Follow the recommended vaccination plan you have created with your veterinarian
  • Administer heartworm, flea and tick preventatives every month
  • Introduce brushing your cat's teeth at an early age to avoid dental disease later
  • Enroll in pet insurance to help plan for the unexpected
Cat And Food

Slowly Transition to a New Diet
(If Needed)

Slowly Transition to a New Diet (If Needed)

  • Feed your cat what they are used to when they first come home
  • Explore offering both wet and dry food for variety
  • Create a hydration station with a fountain water bowl
  • Make sure to chat with your vet about appropriate diet options
Cat Games

Meet Your Pet’s Needs with Mental and Physical Stimulation

  • Brain games: puzzles, slow feeders, training games
  • Physical exercise routines and playtime that are age-appropriate
  • Cat-proof your home by picking up hair ties, twist ties, cords, etc. to avoid ingestion