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Why We’re Fear Free:
Better Vet Care and Happier Pets

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Lane Veterinary is proud to be a Fear Free Certified Practice. Every day, we work together to achieve one common goal: Patient advocacy and well-being. It’s through Fear Free that we can truly deliver individualized care and use every resource we have to work within your pet's needs to ensure a stress-free visit, while also upholding the gold standard of care.

We use a wide variety of Fear Free measures to accomplish the best outcomes for you and your pet, including:

  • Low-stress handling techniques
  • Cat/dog pheromones
  • Use of pre-visit calming pharmaceuticals
  • Treats for distraction
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Crystal-clear communication
  • Strategic use of pain management
  • A personalized game plan to achieve the best outcomes for you and your pet

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The Connection Between Healthier Pets and Less Stress

Fear, anxiety, and stress are obstacles to quality, life-long veterinary care for pets. As a pet parent, you might be stressed out yourself, because your pet isn’t getting the care they need to live their best life. Reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs and cats means they can receive essential treatment from their vet, which can help to improve their health and even extend their lifespan. In short, the less stress your pet experiences at the vet, the more care they can receive to stay healthy.

Signs of Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats show fear, anxiety, and stress in different ways. At Lane Veterinary, we look out for these signs so we can address them promptly and create tailored, stress-free experiences for all our patients. Below are some helpful indicators that explain the differences between a relaxed pet and a fearful, anxious pet.

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Body Language and Signs of FAS in Dogs

Body Language and Signs of FAS in Cats

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Offering Behavioral Services to Alleviate Pet Stress

Many pets, due to fearfulness, anxiety, stress, and other factors, may engage in unruly or even destructive behaviors that can harm their relationship with their human family members. Dr. Baker is partnering with Insight Animal Behavior Services, PC to help you address your pet’s behavioral issues, improve their quality of life, and strengthen their bond with your family.

About Insight Animal Behavior Services

Insight has helped to improve and strengthen relationships between pets and their humans since 2009. Its team is comprised of boarded veterinary behavior specialists who do behavior consults for pets and their families. These specialists have undergone many additional years of schooling in veterinary behavior, and Dr. Baker will work alongside them to come up with a treatment plan that is best suited to your pet’s needs, and your family’s needs.

How Fear Free Makes Us a Better Practice

Fear Free is about much more than reducing fearfulness in pets, though that is our primary goal. It also makes Lane Veterinary a better animal hospital for everyone.

It Makes Pet Parents Happy

Fear Free helps pet parents achieve small victories with their dogs and cats, whether that's being able to trim your pet’s nails without breaking a sweat or having your previously “untouchable” pet be successfully handled and provided treatment. It also makes vet visits more enjoyable for you, because seeing your pet happy and relaxed is always something to look forward to!

It Strengthens the Bonds of Our Team

Fear Free also helps to grow and nurture mutual respect among our team members, providing a more collaborative and friendly environment where everyone’s perspectives and ideas carry weight. By implementing Fear Free every day, we can boost our team’s morale, because it reminds us why we chose the veterinary profession in the first place. It allows us to provide the most compassionate, comprehensive, and personalized treatment to our patients.

And our clients can see the difference!

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Want to Find Out More?

To learn more about Fear Free, visit fearfreepets.org. The Fear Free initiative doesn’t just teach veterinary teams about low-stress care. It also educates you, the pet parent, so you can make adjustments to your pet’s home environment, transportation, and other areas of life for a more positive, stress-free experience.

Here are some links to help you understand Fear Free better and learn how to implement the techniques at home!