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Why Is It Important to Spay and Neuter in Hinsdale, IL?

At Lane Veterinary, we love teaching pet parents about the various aspects of care we recommend to keep dogs and cats healthy. Spay and neuter procedures are considered standard practice, a rite of passage for companion animals as they transition into adulthood. We generally recommend spay and neuter surgeries for most of our patients, with the utmost regard for their health, breed, age, and unique needs. However, one size never fits all. We are happy to answer your questions about spaying and neutering and talk about all your pet’s potential treatment options.

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How Long Should I Wait to Spay or Neuter My Pet?

Lane Veterinary adopts a more flexible, case-by-case basis regarding when to spay and neuter pets. We understand that every animal is different and may not benefit from surgery at 6 months of age as some pets might. The heat cycle in females plays a role in figuring out timing, along with size and weight. We also consider your pet's breed, overall health, and other factors to help you decide on the best time for their surgery.

Our goal is to do what is best for your individual pet. We want to ensure their spay or neuter surgery is as safe as possible and more likely to yield better long-term results for their health.

Microchipping During Spay/Neuter Surgery

We recommend a microchip for all dogs and cats, and can easily microchip your pet while they are under anesthesia for their spay or neuter procedure. This way, you do not need to schedule a separate microchipping appointment. Once placed, your pet's microchip can be scanned so if they ever get lost and taken to another clinic or a shelter, their chip's ID number can be read and traced back to you.

What are the Benefits of Spay and Neuter?

The primary goal of spaying and neutering is to prevent unwanted pregnancies in dogs and cats. But these surgeries can also benefit pets in other ways. At Lane Veterinary, we want your companion to benefit as much as possible from their procedure so they can thrive for many years to come.

Notable benefits of spay and neuter surgery for dogs and cats include:

  • Lower risk of mammary gland tumors, uterine and ovarian cancer (females), and prostate cancer in males

  • No risk of testicular cancer in males

  • Less severe and frequent hormonal behaviors including aggressiveness, vocalizing, mounting, and roaming

  • No risk of pyometra, an infection of the uterus sometimes seen in un-spayed females

  • No heat cycle in females

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