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Dog Guardianship: The Essentials

We all want to be the best guardians to our pets. Below are some important tips for enriching your companion’s life in various ways! Feel free to use it as a checklist for keeping your pet healthy, happy, and stress-free at every life stage.

Close Up Of Dog Supplies

Supplies to Set You Up for Success

  • Food and water bowls
  • Enzymatic cleaner
    • Nature’s Miracle or Zero Odor
  • Crates, pens, baby gates, toys, and cozy bedding
  • Flat buckle collar and a Y-shaped harness that doesn’t impede joint movement
    • Blue-9 Balance Harness
Dog Walking Inside Store

Slow Introduction to New People, Places, and Things

  • Pair new experiences with positive associations
  • Food is a great way to your dog’s heart!
  • For example, try offering snacks while your pup observes a garbage truck for the first time
Dog Getting Checkup At Veterinarian

Prioritize Your Dog’s Health

  • Follow the recommended vaccination plan you created with your veterinarian
  • Administer flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives to your pet every month (even in winter) as directed
  • Introduce brushing your dog’s teeth at an early age to avoid dental disease later
  • Enroll in pet insurance to be prepared for the unexpected
Two Happy Dogs Running Outside

Science-Based, Positive
Reinforcement Training

Science-Based, Positive
Reinforcement Training

  • Locate a certified trainer who does not use punishment in their plan
  • Group classes are a fantastic way to appropriately socialize your puppy!
  • Learning is lifelong, and it’s important to reinforce the behaviors you want to see in your pet
Husky Eating Food From Bowl

Slowly Transition to a New Diet
(If Necessary)

Slowly Transition to a New Diet (If Necessary)

  • Feed your pet what they’re used to when they first come home
  • Grain-inclusive diets are recommended
  • Food intolerances aren’t uncommon
  • Be sure to chat with your vet about appropriate diet options
Dog Playing With Toy Outside

Meet Your Pet’s Needs with Mental and Physical Stimulation

  • Try brain games like puzzles, slow feeders, and training games
  • Engage in age-appropriate physical exercise routines
  • Soothe aching gums from teething by freezing food in puzzle toys, or freezing some treats in ice cubes. We love the West Paw Toppl toy!