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Payment Plans & Pet Insurance in Hinsdale, IL

One of the big questions many pet owners face is Should I get pet insurance? As your veterinarian, we cannot endorse any particular insurance company, but we can help you make an informed decision. If you do choose to get pet insurance, we recommend doing so as early as possible in your pet’s life before any pre-existing conditions become present.

There are many pet insurance options out there and it’s important to explore these options to see which company and which plan suits your specific needs. Some companies offer plans for wellness care, and others are great for covering illnesses and unexpected medical situations (which usually come with heftier price tags).

You can always talk to our team if you need help deciding on the best pet insurance company and plan for your needs. See below to learn about some of the most well-known pet insurance providers.

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Pet Insurance Companies

Lane Veterinary does not recommend one pet insurance company over another. We can, however, present some options to you, and we encourage you to do your own research and make your own decisions about what course of action might be best for your pet.

Pawlicy Advisor is a great resource for comparing different pet insurance companies and narrowing down your options.

You can also check out these companies for more detailed information about what they offer:

Payment Plans

Lane Veterinary offers payment plans through CareCredit to help you pay for your pet’s treatments. CareCredit is a popular choice for veterinary services, but it is also widely used to help people pay for their medical appointments, dental care, and more. With CareCredit, you can choose a no-interest or low-interest monthly payment plan that best suits your financial needs.

Click the link to visit the CareCredit website for more information, and to enroll in a payment plan.

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